CMTE/NC is co-directed by Ceres Schroer York and Sharon Greene-Goering.

Ceres Schroer York, has been involved with Montessori since 1963.  Ceres’ experience
includes the founding of three Montessori schools in Illinois, New York and North
Carolina.  Ceres Schroer York holds both an AMS Early Childhood and Elementary I-II
credential as well as Mastesr Degrees in Mathematics and Liberal Studies.  As a
Mathematics specialist, Ceres Schroer York is known as a Montessori teacher educator
and AMS seminar workshop presenter.  Ceres Schroer York is involved nationally with the
AMS Teacher Education Committee.  She is experienced with both school and teacher
education program consultation and accreditation and AMS teacher preparation for
children from birth to 12 for both public and private schools.  

Sharon Greene-Goering has been involved with Montessori since 1999 and has been
working with CMTE/NC since 2004.  Sharon holds an AA in Business and a BS in
Psychology and has earned both Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood certifications from
CMTE/NC and AMS. She is known both nationally and internationally for her work at
CMTE/NC.  She works with numerous school administrators and officials in an effort to
maintain quality Montessori education throughout the global Montessori community.  
Sharon is experienced with teacher education program accreditation and with AMS teacher
preparation for both public and private schools. In addition to her work in co-directing
CMTE/NC, Sharon is also in charge of CMTE/NC student and financial administration.


Presenters for each area are chosen for their expertise in their specialized area.  The
CMTE/NC faculty consists of 20 Montessorians who are highly qualified in their fields. A
more detailed profile of our presenters is under construction and will be added following
our late spring faculty retreat. Our faculty have been teaching for CMTE/NC an average of
12 years, many with over 15 years. Their combined experience and expertise ranks our
faculty among the best in Montessori teacher education worldwide