Early Childhood (ages 2 ½ - 6)

The Center For Montessori Teacher Education/North Carolina (CMTE/NC) offers an Early
Childhood teacher training program which, upon successful completion, leads to an an
American Montessori Society (AMS) Early Childhood Credential. An AMS Associate Early
Childhood Credential will be granted if the candidate does not have a Bachelor’s Degree.

This course presents the Montessori philosophy, theory, teaching and strategies in the
light of modern child development and developmental psychology. CMTE/NC offers the
only Montessori Teacher Education program in the world with a published, RIE Fellow
Associate on our Infant/Toddler faculty.

In the initial summer phase, the student is introduced to Montessori philosophy and child
development, observation skills and classroom management:  Pivotal knowledge for this
program.  The didactic materials and exercises for Everyday Living are taught in this
phase.  The lessons in Sensorial, Language and Math are started at this time.  In the 10
monthly weekend seminars that follow, the student is given the basic lessons in a
sequence timed to the development of a usual Montessori class.  The didactic materials
and exercises for sensorial activities, language development, growth of analytical and
mathematical thinking, geography, art, movement, music and the natural sciences are
presented in full sequence with the rationale behind these materials explained.  

There is a strong emphasis on supervised practice sessions to enable the students to
become proficient in the use of materials and for them to experience different teaching
styles of various Montessori teachers.

The result of our time schedule and the sequence of curriculum presentations is that the
student is given an ample opportunity for assimilating all of the information given.  The
year-long format allows an individual to implement and use their new knowledge in
environment settings and to return frequently for encouragement and communication with
faculty and fellow students.  We have found this to be both a productive and cohesive